A guide on high school cheerleading

high school cheerleading

HIgh School Cheerleading

A good high school cheerleading team is an asset to every school team no matter what the sport is. With a good number of supportive fans cheering you up from the stands can really boots your confidence. Whether, your school team is taking part in a football match or a wrestling match, it is up to you to cheer your team and increase their confidence. Becoming a high school cheerleader is easy and exciting. If you are a new comer, you can take part in a high school cheerleading clinic or opt for a tryout. Most schools organize these events on weekends. There will be a coach or a high school cheerleading adviser who will guide you on various aspects of high school cheerleading. At the tryouts you will learn how to cheer, dance and perform some stunts also.


While learning to be a high school cheer leader, you have to learn many things. You have to improve your cheer leading skills from good to great. As a cheerleader, your dress should be neat and tidy. In fact many teams have their own uniforms and props as well. Make sure that your hair is done properly. Some schools even have judges to judge the cheerleading team. They will assess your performance and give you grades. So practice dances, stunts and even toe touching stunts well. You can also attend camps. These camps usually last for three to four days. Here, you will be able to bond with your team members. All these are real fun. So do not miss any opportunity of high school cheerleading.


Turn yourself into a dedicated cheerleader by practicing on various aspects of high school cheerleading. Improve your skills on voice, motion; dance etc. Some teams practice occasional tumbling also. Try out toe touch exercises, at free time. Make yourself prepared for the final day, where you will need all you energy for cheering up your team. Whether, you are a cheer leader of many years or a newcomer in the group, make your cheerleading experience an unforgettable one. Do it with great confidence and make your team win with your amazing high school cheerleading squad.

How to Prepare for Cheerleading Activity in The High School

high school cheerleaders

Take a part on the high school cheerleading needs a good preparation. Start from to find out the information about high school cheerleaders team, physical preparation, mental preparation, up to prepare cheerleader equipments like cheerleader uniforms, cheerleader customes/outfits, cheerleader accesories, and others. When you joined the cheerleader squads, you must prepare your physic and mental to be ready to the try out. Every motion component like dance, jumps, tumbling, cheers, stunting must be prepared by practice regurlarly with an expert and also cheerleader squads.
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High School Cheerleading: a Pleasure Activity!

High school cheerleading is a sport or physical activity that doing by high school students to direct spectators to cheer on sport team or games.  Usually to support their high school sport team in an event competition. Cheerleaders are girls and also boys. Cheerleading contains of any motion like dance, jumps, tumbling, cheers, stunting and other variation of motion. The cheerleading activity is an only one untill five minutes to started of the games, on the break time, or in the last of games.

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